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Policies – Residential

Residential Meter Deposit Policy
A meter deposit of $50 with a good 12-month credit reference (from an electric utility showing no more than three late payments and no disconnection notices) or $150 without a credit reference is required. It is the responsibility of the customer requesting service to obtain a credit reference for MMLP. The deposit will be returned with interest as a credit on the customer’s account after 12 months of service provided the customer keeps the bill current and does not get disconnected. 

Residential Service Disconnection Policy
All accounts are due on the 18th of each month. Any unpaid balance as of the 20th of the month will be assessed a 10% penalty and sent a disconnection notice. The entire past due balance, regardless of the amount, must be paid by 10 a.m. on disconnect day to avoid disconnection. MMLP will not disconnect on Friday, Saturday, Sunday, a legal holiday or the day before a legal holiday.

Residential Service Meter Access Policy
All residential service customers are required to provide access to meters serviced by Madelia Municipal Light & Power. Residential customers will not be permitted to enclose the area around the meter or obstruct the pathway to the meter that would directly affect regular maintenance or service provided by MMLP. Property upgrades, including fencing and landscaping, that comprise the area around all meters must be approved by Madelia Municipal Light & Power before any construction can begin.

Residential Customer Underground Service Policy
Single-family residential service customers may have their house service buried underground for a fee. After the Electric Foreman inspects and approves the request and the fee is paid in full, MMLP will schedule the work to begin.


All policies are on file at the business office of Madelia Municipal Light & Power and can be viewed Monday through Friday during normal business hours.


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