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Policies – Commercial

Commercial Meter Deposit Policy
Customers must pay a meter deposit or provide a credit reference. If the customer has an existing business, they may obtain a 24-month credit reference from their utility provider. If the credit reference is good, no meter deposit will be required. If the credit reference is not good the meter deposit will be $250 for small commercial or $500 for large commercial. Payment in full for the deposit will be required before service begins. Service will not be granted to the customer until the service application is completed and the meter deposit or reference is received.

Commercial Service Disconnect Policy
All accounts are due on the 18th of each month. Any unpaid balance as of the 20th of the month will be assessed a 10% penalty and sent a disconnection notice. The entire past due balance, regardless of the amount, must be paid by 10 a.m. on disconnect day to avoid disconnection. MMLP will not disconnect on Friday, Saturday, Sunday, a legal holiday or the day before a legal holiday.


All policies are on file at the business office of Madelia Municipal Light & Power and can be viewed Monday through Friday during normal business hours.


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