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About Us

Located at 24 Abbot Ave SW, Madelia Municipal Light & Power provides electrical service to all residents within the City of Madelia, with wholesale power purchased from  Heartland Energy of Madison, SD.

Since 1939 MMLP has reinvested profits from electrical sales back into the community and its electric system. Contributions from MMLP to the community over the last 80 years, in monetary contributions and services, total more than 2 million dollars. Everything from the River View Heights subdivision, local parks and playground equipment, campground improvement, ball field lighting, LED street lighting and much more are the result of the local electric utility.

MMLP is constantly working at improving and maintaining its electrical system. Approximately 90% of the electrical system has been rebuilt by MMLP staff. This reinvestment in the electrical system is responsible for the more reliable service that MMLP customers enjoy.

When outages occur within the Madelia infrastructure, MMLP crews are able to respond quickly because service is originated locally. MMLP also maintains an office locally that is responsive and convenient for its customers. When there is an outage on the transmission grid that supplies Madelia and surrounding communities, MMLP supplies back up power for the whole community with its generation plant.

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Having local control through the Madelia Light & Power Commission and maintaining a local office and employees is the key to responding to customer needs.

Over the years MMLP’s commitment to customers and community has not changed. MMLP’s mission is to provide reliable electric service while giving back to the community and keeping rates as low as possible.

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