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Providing Reliable Energy
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Local Connection
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Medical Equipment

Please notify our office if anyone in your household is using any kind of specialized medical equipment like oxygen or a heart monitor. We need to identify those meters to alert you in the event of service interruption or disconnection.

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Tree Trimming

If you notice tree branches in or near power lines please contact our office at 642-8803. Our line crew will clear the branches from our power line right of way and house services. Normal line clearance is routinely done in winter months.

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Emergencies & Outages

In case of emergencies after business hours, on weekends, or on holidays please call 642-8803. You will receive information on who is on standby and a cell phone number so you can contact them directly. This is just one of the areas where local service really pays off with faster response time!

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Non-Working Street Lights

Please report non-working street lights to us at 642-8803.

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Conservation Improvement Program (CIP)

Mandated by the State, public utilities operating in Minnesota are required to invest a portion of their revenue in conservation improvement.

Madelia Municipal Light & Power has implemented a number of programs to help its customers conserve energy and potentially reduce their utility bill.

All programs currently available are outlined in the brochure below.

Money Isn't All Your're Saving

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